The Scene at Royal Kuhio




Director Hanako Hata has furnshed the photos below hers. Wlith so many Japanese owners, her translation of our newsletter into Japanese is greatly appreciated.  She also translates many building notices and corresponds with non-English-speaking owners.










This welcoming lobby sets the tone for our building--comfortable elegance.









The main purpose of the Annual Meeting of the Royal Kuhio Association of Apartment Owners is to elect Directors (Board Members) and to conduct other necessary business.  Here, attendees are competing their ballots.









A real benefit of the Annual Meeting is the opportunity to become better acquainted with other owners and to discuss common concerns.









Director Herbert Loo provides a variety of useful doorprizes.  Not surprisingly, the raisin bran was selected before the slim fast! Once again, selecting prizes gives owners an opportunity to share common concerns.







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