Building Staff Make Plumbing Repairs


Buildings are like people in many ways. Unfortunately as they age, their pipes begin to leak. Our building's common-element plumbing system is made up of iron pipes which have gradually deteriorated over time. Recently water leaks within the walls or ceilings have necessitated cutting the affected areas open, replacing sections of pipe, and then repairing the damage to the area opened. This generally involves affixing new drywall and then resurfacing.

Normally work of this type is performed by a plumbing contractor and a professional drywall applications specialist. Fortunately Manager Lane Yandell is knowledgable in these specialties and is able to supervise complete in-house repairs. Equally important, we have a very competent staff which can do professional-level repairs. They enjoy the challenges of healing our ailing building!

The "bottom line" is repairs are made promptly and at less cost to you. Here are some examples of recent problems, photographed and described by Lane:













To the left is a picture of the temporary cover over a large opening the staff had to cut in the ceiling of the low-rise elevator lobby. Again, the surgery was necessary in order to locate and repair a serious water leak.

Finding the source of several leaks has been both frustrating and time-consuming for our staff.







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